Your monthly optimization occurs automatically once per month, on the same day of each month. This date is set based on the date you initiated your first optimization. For example, if you began your first optimization on May 5th, then your subsequent optimizations will occur on June 5th, July 5th, August 5th, etc..

You can see the date of your next scheduled optimization on your Max Dashboard. In the upper-right corner of your screen, you’ll see a dark box labeled “Optimized Savings.” At the bottom of that box you’ll see the date of your next scheduled optimization.

You may also change the day of the month on which your monthly optimization occurs, skip optimizations or request additional optimizations:

How can I change the day of the month on which my funds are optimized?

Note: Max imposes a blackout period from the 29th of the month through the 2nd of the following month to take into account the fact that February most often only has 28 days and to avoid transferring funds while interest is being posted to accounts. Members can still manually request transfers at any time, but Max does not schedule automated optimizations during this period.