For accounts that you have opened using the Max Common Application (UFB Direct, BrioDirect powered by Webster Bank, Quontic Bank, Customers Bank, Veritex BankBankProv):

You do not need to update your Max account with any changes that you make to your online banking passwords.

For existing accounts that you linked to Max (Barclays, Ally Bank, American Express):

In order for Max to retrieve balance information and help you optimize your accounts, your accounts must be linked to Max. If your username and password are not up to date on the Max website, your accounts will become unlinked.

To update your passwords or relink your accounts, visit your Profile page and select the "Linked Accounts" tab, select the bank that requires re-linking, and re-enter your login credentials and click to save your changes. Alternatively, you can click the text "Requires Attention" that will appear in red to the right of your account balance on your Max Dashboard and then follow the prompts to re-link your account.