In order to provide better customer support and enable faster funds transfers, we have changed the bank that powers Max Checking from LendingClub Bank to Customers Bank.

As part of this transition, on September 29, 2023 LendingClub Bank converted existing Max Checking accounts opened prior to April 12, 2023 into standard LendingClub Rewards Checking accounts. This new product:

  • pays a lower interest rate than the new Max Checking account,

  • no longer provides free wire transfers, 

  • no longer provides Max membership rebates, and

  • you can no longer transfer funds between your LendingClub Rewards Checking account and your external bank accounts through the Max interface.

In order to retain the Max Checking experience, we encourage you to switch to the new Max Checking account powered by Customers Bank. Making the switch takes just 2 minutes, and when you do you’ll benefit from faster funds transfers and dedicated customer support: How do I switch my checking account to Max Checking powered by Customers Bank?

If you choose not to switch, your LendingClub Rewards Checking account will remain linked to Max but you will need to establish a separate login directly with LendingClub Bank in order to request funds transfers. If you need assistance doing so, you can reach LendingClub Bank support at 1-800-242-0272.