If you would like to change your maximum target savings account balances, you may do so by changing the FDIC Limits setting on your Max Dashboard. Simply select the gear icon next to the FDIC Coverage Strategy in the Optimized Savings box on your Max Dashboard, click on “Individual” or “Joint,” and Max will take your preferences into account when proposing your next optimization.

If you wish to specify Custom limits per account, either because you wish to exceed the FDIC limit, because you already have a CD or other account at one of these institutions and desire Max to keep a smaller amount in each account, or because you have a trust or Payable On Death (POD) account with multiple beneficiaries, you can set your own balance limits on an account-by-account basis:

1. Navigate to "Profile" > "Account Settings"

2. In the FDIC COVERAGE STRATEGY section, select “Custom” FDIC Coverage

3. In the SAVINGS ACCOUNT SETTINGS section, set your desired maximum target balance for your savings accounts

4. Click the green "Save your Maximum Balance Settings" button to save your changes

Your new settings will be taken into effect upon your next optimization.