At present, if you use Orion you can access your Max Advisor Dashboard through Orion using single-sign-on (SSO). To better meet the needs of advisors, Max and Orion recently announced an integration that enables advisors and clients to view Max balance data directly on the Orion platform. This data is currently available to select advisors in Orion Connect and will be available to all advisors in the coming weeks. For more information about using this integration, advisors should contact Orion admin or support. To access Max data within Orion, administrators need to enable the Max For Advisors integration. This enables Single Sign-On (SSO) between Max and Orion, allowing permissioned client data to flow seamlessly between the two platforms without clients having to enter any logins or passwords. 

If you use Morningstar ByAllAccounts, your client’s Max balances can be easily added to your client reporting platform. Use your Max Advisor Dashboard login to connect Max to your reporting platform using ByAllAccounts. For details, contact your local ByAllAccounts administrator or reach out to ByAllAccounts support.

If you would like to report on Max balances with other portfolio reporting platforms or aggregation solutions, contact your portfolio reporting system account representative and request support for Max.

If Max does not currently have an integration with your reporting platform, you can use as-of-date balances from your Max Advisor Dashboard and enter this data into your reporting system.