The Max Common Application makes it easy for you to open multiple online accounts at once by filling out a single form. The Max Common Application currently supports opening high-yield savings accounts at UFB Direct, Radius Bank, and Sterling National Bank. You can also use the Max Common Application to open the Max Checking high-yield checking account that integrates seamlessly into Max.

You open as many or as few accounts as you wish, and may re-use the Max Common Application to open additional accounts at a later date. Max will keep a record of your contact information so that you’ll never need to re-enter the same data twice. Particularly sensitive data, such as your social security number and mother’s maiden name, are permanently deleted from Max’s systems as soon as that information is relayed to your banks, so you’ll need to re-enter those two fields each time you re-use the Max Common Application.

To use the Max Common Application to open up multiple savings accounts:

  1. Select one or more online banks where you wish to open new accounts

  2. You’ll be asked for some basic information required by all the banks, including your name and contact information

  3. You may be asked to answer a few additional questions that are specific to the banks you've selected

  4. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions for each bank and authorize Max to send your information to the banks you’ve selected

In most cases, your new accounts will be opened in less than 60 seconds. If any of the banks require additional information to validate your identity, they will reach out to you directly.

Once you've opened or linked at least one online savings account, you can click “Start Earning More” on the Max Dashboard. Max will begin optimizing your funds, determining the optimal set of funds transfers to help you maximize the interest that you earn while keeping your funds below the FDIC insurance limit at each bank. This optimization process will also help maintain your checking account balance to match your desired Target Balance. After your first optimization, Max will automatically optimize your account every month thereafter.

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