Each bank has its own account opening decision-making process, designed to comply with Federal “Know Your Customer” regulations. The Max Common Application helps streamline the application process. 

In the event that an application for a new bank account is declined, it is often due to an incorrectly entered SSN, a credit freeze that prevents the bank from verifying your identity through a soft credit check, or too many incorrectly-answered knowledge-based authentication questions, such as "what color was your first car?" or "in which state did you live when you received your social security card?" If you have moved recently, that can also cause applications to be declined since your new address may not yet be on file with the public databases used to verify your identity. In such a case, your banks may reach out to you directly to validate your identity through other means. 

For your privacy, neither Max nor its personnel are privy to why any individual application is approved or declined. You may, however, contact each bank directly to see if they can verify your identity through other means, or you may re-apply using the Max Common Application. There is no negative impact to your credit associated with applying for a savings account, so other than the incremental minute or two required to re-apply, there is no downside. 

If you do choose to re-apply, please be sure to double-check that all information you have entered is correct and accurate. For example, when you enter your SSN, you can click “show” above the input box so that you can see the numbers you are typing; often applications are declined if a SSN is off by one digit. 

Should you wish to contact any of the banks directly, below please find contact numbers for each of the banks supported on the Max Common Application:

UFB Direct: 1-877-472-9200

LendingClub Bank: 1-800-242-0272

Sterling National Bank: 1-877-629-5877

Quontic Bank: 1-888-575-8677

Customers Bank: 1-855-398-8159