Some Max members desire to have multiple Max accounts, for example, some couples choose to open separate accounts for individual vs. joint accounts, either to keep funds separate or to maximize FDIC insurance coverage. Or you might want to allocate funds for different purposes, such as an emergency fund or for meeting capital calls / receiving fund distributions.

You may have as many Max accounts as you wish, but each must be linked to a distinct email address, since your email address serves as your login for Max.

If you use gmail as your email provider, you can use the Google "+" convention to create new email aliases on the fly. For example, if your email address is, you could register for multiple Max accounts as follows:

Max will recognize each of these as unique email addresses, but Google ignores the + sign and everything after it, so all email sent to each of these addresses will flow to your main inbox.

Alternatively, you could use different personal and work email addresses for your different Max accounts. For example:

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