Max makes it easy for you to earn more on your cash no matter where you bank or invest by funding your Max account from your existing checking, savings, and brokerage accounts. Simply transfer funds to Max Checking, an integrated no-fee checking account that handles the transfers between your high-yield online savings accounts.

Once funds are in your Max Checking account, you can send funds to your higher-yielding accounts by starting your first optimization.

Here are the most popular ways to fund your Max Checking account: 

Option A: Fund by Linking an External Account via Plaid


On your Max Dashboard, click “Add Funds” next to your Max Checking account. 

Select “Add Funding Institution” or “Link Another Account” to instantly link any combination of your existing checking, savings, and brokerage accounts at thousands of financial institutions nationwide to your Max Checking account.

You can then deposit funds from any of your linked accounts into Max Checking directly from within Max by clicking “Deposit Funds.”

You can use this same interface to send funds from Max Checking back to any of your linked bank or brokerage accounts at any time. All funds transfers occur via the ACH network and take 1-3 business days.

Note: Deposits and withdrawals into/out from Max Checking requested through the Max interface are limited to $250,000 per day. You may withdraw larger amounts at any time by same-day wire transfer.

Option B: Fund by ACH Transfer

You can fund your Max Checking account in a day or two by initiating an ACH from your bank / brokerage accounts. 

ACH transfers are electronic, bank-to-bank money transfers processed through the Automated Clearing House Network. You can often add an external bank account, such as Max Checking, to your existing bank or brokerage portal. 

You can then request that your existing bank send funds to your Max Checking account by ACH by referencing your Max Checking Account Number and ABA/Routing Number, visible on your personalized wire instructions or by clicking on the word “Checking” atop your Max Dashboard.

Note: Max Checking is provided by LendingClub Bank, so if you’re sending funds to Max Checking from another bank or app, the destination bank may appear as "LendingClub Bank.”

Option C: Fund by Wire Transfer

You can fund your Max Checking account instantly by same-day wire transfer. Simply contact your bank or brokerage firm to request a wire.

To find your personal Max Checking wire instructions, click on the gear icon next to your Max Checking account. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen where you’ll find a link to your personalized wire transfer instructions, which includes your Max Checking account number. Print or save these instructions and send them to your existing bank or brokerage firm so that they can initiate a wire transfer to LendingClub Bank, the bank that powers Max Checking.

Max Checking does not charge any fees for sending or receiving wires, however, your existing bank may still charge you a fee for initiating a wire. Funding by wire transfer will enable you to start earning more right away.

To send funds out of Max Checking by wire transfer, contact LendingClub Bank Customer Service at 1-800-242-0272. With Max Checking, all domestic and international wire transfers are free of charge!

Other Options

Additional options for funding your Max Checking account can be found here. 

Max Checking is provided by LendingClub Bank, N.A., Member FDIC #32551.