There are several ways to transfer funds from Max Checking to external accounts.

Option 1: Send funds from Max Checking to a linked funding account

On your Max Dashboard, click on “Max Checking.”

Select “Withdrawal” to send funds from your Max Checking account back to one of your linked funding accounts, such as your primary checking account or any other account that you have linked to Max Checking.

Choose the amount that you wish to transfer, confirm the account that you would like to send funds to, and select “Withdraw Funds” to confirm the withdrawal.

If you wish to link a new account to Max so that you may easily transfer funds in/out, click on “Add External Account” or "Link Another Account."

Note: You may use the Max interface to transfer up to $250,000 out of Max Checking per day via ACH. If you need to transfer a larger amount, or if you need funds same-day, you can request a free wire transfer (see below).

Option 2: Send funds to your bank via free wire transfer 


You can withdraw funds from Max Checking instantly by requesting a free same-day wire transfer. To request a wire transfer, please contact Customers Bank at 1-855-398-8159.

With Max Checking, all domestic wire transfers are free of charge.

Option 3: Use Your bank or other account to pull funds from Max Checking

Max Checking works just like any other bank account, so if your bank or brokerage accounts allow you to link an external account for funds transfers, you can add Max Checking on your own bank or brokerage account’s website and initiate funds transfers from there.

To add Max Checking as an external account on your bank’s website, you will need to provide your Max Checking Account Number and ABA/Routing Number. Simply click on the word “Checking” atop your Max Dashboard to be taken to your Max Checking account page, where you’ll find your routing number and account number. 

Please note that Max Checking is powered by Customers Bank, so when you link Max Checking to your other bank account, it may be listed as “Customers Bank.”

If you’ve already established online banking credentials for Customers Bank, these same credentials can be used when you link your Max Checking account on another institution’s website. If you need to establish Customers Bank online banking credentials, click on the gear icon next to your Max Checking account:

Then, scroll to the bottom of the screen where you’ll find a link to enroll in Customers Bank online banking.

Or you can also follow this link:

Max Checking is powered by Customers Bank, Member FDIC #34444.