Yes. If you do not see your bank listed when signing up for Max, you should select Max’s integrated hub account, Max Checking, during enrollment. Max Checking is free of charge and typically opens in under 60 seconds.

Once you open Max Checking, you can seamlessly link your existing checking, savings, and brokerage accounts at any of thousands of supported financial institutions nationwide. You can then easily move funds to your Max Checking account with just a few clicks. Once funded, Max helps you optimize your accounts, making it easy for you to send funds to your highest-yielding savings accounts each month so that you can earn the highest yield, even as rates change.


Please see below for additional information on how to move funds to/from Max Checking:

Consistent with our commitment to working in your best interest, Max does not earn any revenue from Max Checking. We introduced this option purely for your benefit, making it easier to use Max no matter where you bank or invest.

Max Checking is powered by LendingClub Bank, N.A., FDIC #32551. You can learn more at