We’ve changed the bank that powers Max Checking from LendingClub Bank to Customers Bank. The switch to Customers Bank enables us to offer faster account opening, same-day ACH transfers, and improved customer support, and sets the stage for even more exciting features to come...

If you wish to switch to the new Max Checking powered by Customers Bank, please follow these steps:

1. Transfer funds out of your LendingClub Rewards Checking account.

  • Click on the green “Transfer Funds” arrow that points from checking to savings atop your Max Dashboard.

  • Type in the current balance of your Max Checking account and click to transfer. These funds will move to your higher-yielding online savings accounts.

2. Remove the link to your LendingClub Rewards Checking account.

  • On the Dashboard, click on the gear icon next to your LendingClub Rewards Checking account.

  • Scroll down and click “Remove Link” and follow the prompts.

Note: You do not need to wait for your transfer to complete before removing the link to your LendingClub Rewards Checking account.

3. You will be prompted to link a new checking account

  • Select “Max Checking” and apply for a Max Checking account powered by Customers Bank. If you already have a Customers Bank savings account you may be approved instantly.

Any online savings accounts that you have opened using the Max Common Application (UFB Direct, BrioDirect powered by Webster Bank, Quontic Bank, Customers Bank, Veritex Bank, Fieldpoint Private, or BankProv) will automatically link to your new Max Checking account.

If you have opened/linked online savings accounts at any other banks that are not supported on the Max Common Application (i.e. Barclays, or Ally Bank), log into each bank's website and add your new Max Checking account as an external funding account. You can find your new Max Checking ABA Routing number and account number by clicking on the word “Checking” atop your Max Dashboard.