Some banks impose transfer limits that restrict how much you can deposit or withdraw from your bank account each day. Max has carefully selected online banks that have depositor-friendly funds transfer policies, often many times higher than those available to the general public. Max also takes into account these preferential transfer limits when determining the optimal set of transfers for your monthly optimization or on-demand Intelligent Funds Transfer (SM).

Below is a summary of Inbound and Outbound daily transfer limits by bank (as of 9/2020):

UFB Direct
Sterling National Bank
Radius Bank
Quontic Bank
Marcus by Goldman Sachs
Ally Bank
American Express 
Personal Savings
Inbound Transfers
$250,000No limit
Outbound Transfers$5,000,000*$250,000

* Preferred terms for Max members

Max is not impacted by transfer limits imposed by your brick-and-mortar checking account or brokerage account, however, in some cases, it may take more than one optimization to optimally allocate all of your funds across your accounts.

You may move up to $250,000 in to, or out from, Max Checking each business day.