There is no limit as to how much cash you can optimize using Max.

By default, Max helps you keep your balances below the FDIC insurance limit at each bank. However, you may elect to exceed the FDIC limit by changing your settings on a bank-by-bank basis at any time.

Some online banks have established maximum balance limits. Max takes each bank's limits into account when proposing transfers for your monthly optimization or Intelligent Funds Transfers (SM).

Below you'll find a summary of the balance limits at each online bank (as of 11/2023):

Online BankMaximum Balance
UFB DirectNo limit
No limit*
BrioDirect powered by Webster BankNo limit
Customers BankNo limit
Veritex BankNo limit
Ally BankNo limit
Quontic Bank$2,000,000
American Express Personal Savings$5,000,000

Couples can increase the amount they have on deposit by opening multiple accounts at each bank, titling accounts i) in the name of each spouse and ii) jointly. For more information, review the following: How can I maximize FDIC coverage?

*BankProv is a member of both the FDIC and DIF, the Depositors Insurance Fund. Your BankProv account will be insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000 (or $500,000 for jointly titled accounts) and every dollar above that will be insured by DIF. You can learn more at

Max also offers a partner solution that can provide FDIC insurance coverage of up to $100 million per depositor / tax ID. Visit for additional information.