In most cases, the process of linking your bank accounts to Max will proceed smoothly. If you’re having difficulty linking your checking account, listed below are the most common reasons why linking issues may occur:


1. Most linking issues result from passwords being entered incorrectly. Not to worry -- it's difficult to fly blind! Fortunately, Max has a solution: above every password box on the Max website you'll find the word "Show" in orange letters. Clicking “Show” removes the field masking so that you can see what you are typing.


2. If your login/password combination still does not work, we recommend visiting your bank's website to ensure that you can login. Occasionally bank servers can be down for maintenance, and if you can't login on your bank's website, you likely won't be able to link your account to Max until your bank's computer servers are back up and running.

3. If you have changed your online banking username, please first remove Max’s link to your checking account by going to Profile > Linked Accounts > Select your checking account > Remove link. Once your checking account has been removed, you should be able to re-link your checking account.

4. Max is compatible with individual or joint checking accounts for individuals and revocable trusts. Occasionally, members try to link a savings account or a business checking account to Max. If you would like to use Max linked to your savings account, you can use our own no-fee, no minimum, integrated ‘hub’ account called Max Checking and connect it to your savings account (along with any number of other funding accounts, including checking and brokerage accounts). 


In partnership with The American Deposit Management Co. (ADM), we can meet the needs of members who hold meaningful levels of liquid reserves in business accounts, at foundations, non-profits, or in more complex trusts such as irrevocable trusts. Visit to find information on a solution that delivers FDIC insurance and a preferred yield to Max members.


5. If you are a Bank of America customer and have SafePass enabled, if you are a Wells Fargo customer and have Enhanced Sign-On enabled, or you are a Fidelity customer and have Fidelity Validation and ID Protection (VIP) enabled, those accounts cannot be linked directly to Max. However, you may still use Max by enrolling for Max Checking. You can then link your existing checking, savings, and brokerage accounts to your Max Checking account and fund your Max account by ACH or wire transfer so you can start earning more no matter where you bank or invest.


If you are still encountering difficulty linking one of your accounts, please reach out to and we would be pleased to be of further assistance.