If you would like to link your existing checking account to Max:

Max supports linking checking accounts at 18 of the largest banks in the country. During enrollment, simply select your bank's logo, enter your online login credentials and follow the prompts to link your checking account. Click here for a full list of supported checking accounts.

If you don’t have an account at one of the banks that Max supports, or if you would like to use Max to manage a specific amount of cash separate from your checking account, you can open a Max Checking account in as little as 60 seconds. You can then link any combination of checking and savings accounts at thousands of supported financial institutions to help fund your new Max Checking account. Max will then help you earn more on this cash, keeping it separate from your main checking account.

If you would like to use Max Checking:

You can open a new Max Checking account in as little as 60 seconds during the enrollment process.

If you are an existing Max member who wishes to switch to Max Checking:

Click on the gear icon next to your existing checking account on your Max Dashboard. Follow the prompts to remove Max’s link to your existing checking account. You can then select “Max Checking” as your checking account. 

Your new Max Checking account will automatically link to the savings accounts that you have opened via the Max Common Application. If you have accounts at other supported banks, such as Barclays, Ally Bank, or American Express Personal Savings, you’ll need to add “Max Checking” as an external funding account at those banks so that Max can continue to optimize your funds across those accounts. Click on “Checking” to find your Max Checking ABA Routing Number and Account Number.