Your target checking account balance is the amount of money that you wish to have in your checking account at the end of each optimization. As a result, we recommend you consider the following when setting your target balance (you can change your target balance at any time):

If you have linked Max Checking:

  • Keeping money in Max Checking enables you to earn 0.20% APY on funds that can be easily moved to any of your other bank / brokerage accounts with one click. In this manner, Max Checking serves as an important source of liquidity, enabling you to connect all your bank and brokerage accounts together and easily move funds between them.

  • You can also earn quarterly Max membership fee rebates provided by the bank that powers Max Checking accounts. These rebates are available to Max members who keep a certain average balance in their Max Checking account: How can I earn fee rebates through Max Checking?

If you have linked your existing checking account:

  • Choose a target balance that is higher than the minimum balance required by your bank and sufficient to cover your quarterly Max membership fee.

  • Max can also help you replenish your checking account each month, or sweep away excess cash into savings where you can earn more, so you may wish to instruct Max to help you keep enough cash in your checking account to meet your monthly needs.

To change your target checking account balance:

1. Click on "Profile" > "Account Settings"

2. In the CHECKING ACCOUNT SETTINGS section, type in your desired target balance

3. Click the green "Save Your Max Checking Balance Settings" button to save your new settings


Your new target balance will be taken into account upon your next Max optimization.

Max Checking is powered by Customers Bank, Member FDIC #34444.