Everyone manages cash differently. Some prefer to keep a constant balance in their checking account from month-to-month to meet monthly inflows/outflows. Others prefer to set aside a discrete amount of cash in savings, to save for the purchase of a home or as an emergency fund.

Max is inherently flexible, and can be configured in different ways to meet different needs.

Link your existing checking account:

  • If you would like to link your existing checking account, Max will help you keep a constant balance in that account month-to-month. Click here for a full list of supported checking/brokerage accounts.

  • This is a good option for members who view cash as fungible, and want Max to help them move funds to/from savings to keep their checking account at a constant balance from month-to-month.

Link your existing brokerage account:

  • Some members elect to link their brokerage account to Max, so that excess cash can earn more and be easily transferred into their investment portfolios with one click. If you elect to use a brokerage account, it must have check writing privileges.

  • Max currently supports Fidelity FCASH/CMA accounts and Charles Schwab Bank High-Yield Investor Checking Accounts. 

Open a Max Checking account:

  • If you want to manage a discrete amount of cash separate from your main checking account, Max Checking might be your best option. You can open a Max Checking account in as little as 60 seconds, and because it integrates seamlessly into Max, there are no separate logins or passwords to remember. 

  • You can fund your Max Checking account by linking it to your existing checking, savings, and brokerage accounts at thousands of financial institutions nationwide.

  • This is a good option for members who wish to make a deliberate allocation to savings, such as for an emergency fund or saving for a house, or if you don't want Max transferring funds in/out of your main checking account. Max Checking is also for members who don’t have an account at one of the banks or brokerage firms that Max supports, but would like to start earning more with Max.

  • Max Checking also includes additional benefits, such as an optional debit card that provides free ATM access globally. Max members who use Max Checking and keep higher balances in their Max Checking account are also eligible for Max membership fee rebates of up to $200 per year. Learn more at MaxMyInterest.com/MaxChecking.

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