You may open or link as many or as few supported savings accounts to Max as you like, and may add more accounts at any time.

Opening Accounts Using the Max Common Application

You can use the Max Common Application to help open multiple accounts at once by filling out a single form. UFB Direct, Radius Bank, and Sterling National Bank are currently supported on the Max Common Application. 

To open an account at one of these banks, simply select "Open New Account" next to any of these banks on the Max Dashboard, and then press the "Use the Max Common Application to open a new account" button. You will be able to select other Max Common Application banks that you would like to apply to at that time. Fill out all requested information and then submit the application.

Once your applications have been accepted, these savings accounts will link to your Max account automatically. 

Note: In order to benefit from the preferential rates and terms offered by UFB Direct, Radius Bank, and Sterling National Bank you will need to open new accounts at these banks by using the Max Common Application. You may not link existing accounts at these banks to Max. 

Opening or Linking Savings Accounts at Additional Online Banks

If you already have savings accounts at Ally Bank, American Express, Barclays, or Marcus by Goldman Sachs, you may link your existing accounts to Max. Simply select "Link Existing Account" next to any of these banks on the Max Dashboard, fill in your username and password, and select which account at the bank that you would like to link.

If you do not have accounts at these banks and need expanded FDIC insurance coverage, you may choose to open online savings accounts at these banks and then link them to Max. You will need to link your checking / brokerage account to your savings account. You may do so by visiting each online bank’s website (download our bank-by-bank guide to linking your checking account to your online savings accounts). Each online bank will then send trial deposits to your checking account to establish secure links along which to transfer funds. These trial deposits are sent via ACH, and take 2-3 business days to arrive in your checking/brokerage account. After taking note of the amounts of these trial deposits, return to each online bank website to confirm the receipt of these deposits, a process that takes just a few minutes per bank. 

Note: This trial-deposit verification process is not necessary for accounts opened with the Max Common Application.  

Once you have at least one savings account linked, you can initiate your first optimization by clicking "Start Earning More" / "Optimize Now."

For detailed step-by-step instructions, download the Max Setup Guide.