Banks send funds between one another via a system called ACH, the same system used by your employer for direct deposit of your paycheck. Banks can verify that this ACH link is correct by collecting your ABA routing number and checking account number and sending two small deposits (typically less than $1 each) to your checking account. You’ll see these deposits in your checking account in a day or two. Simply login to your checking account, take note of these deposits, and return to your online bank’s website to type in the amounts of these deposits. This will prove to the bank that you have control over both accounts.

For more information, download our bank-by-bank guide to linking your checking account to your online savings accounts.

As an added layer of security, Max will only permit funds transfer requests to be sent to your banks once we’ve verified that you have properly linked each savings account to your designated checking account. Once you’ve linked at least one online savings account to Max, you can start optimizing.